Honest Songs #1


Doorbell by kb. mcanelly

Some things ring right. And some things ring true.

Some things bring joy, like when I think of you.

And I know how long it’s been… since we sang together.

And frankly, my friend, it seems like forever…

Yes, it’s been forever.

Thirty seems awful when you stop to think on it.

It’s halfway to to sixty if we live that long.

But all I know is I’m more than beholding

Since I never was there when you sang that song.

I’ve been to the coast and watched her waves washing

the rocks in the water, the sand on the shore.

and I’ve wandered and wondered

between so many stages

and come to think on it, I couldn’t do more

except wait for you to knock on the door.

Copyright 2013 



Working With Limitations

I’m learning to work within the confines of my current health situation while developing a plan of action for the next three weeks. It seems redundant to say that I need to quit smoking having been diagnosed with C.O.P.D. and living with an extremely low energy level that ought to be increased with a new exercise routine. Cutting back to less than half a pack a day and using two different kinds of inhalers is not enough. Yoga and walking are on the calendar as soon as I return from this short visit with my daughter. In the meantime I’m developing a routine for my creative endeavors.

Back in early March I left my poorly paid cake decorator position that was causing extreme physical pain to pursue self employment in the body painting field. Yes, body painting, as in what some clowns do when they aren’t clowning around. Before the month was over I was to depressed, after a series of personal and family health issues surfaced, to even leave my apartment except for visits to the doctor. With no income, an inability to function outside the home, my son and daughter helped me to change my environment, living circumstances and choices. They both think I should apply for Social Security. Seems appropriate. Still, I think I can make a living as an artist.  Pink Floyd is suitably playing on my daughter’s cd player.  This too seems appropriate.

And so I begin. Again. Blogging, writing, drawing, perhaps finally getting out to do some body painting, and finishing what I can with the tools I have just to see what happens next. Sculpting is what comes easiest but costs the most. Problem:  I’ve yet to even bronze my first work of art. The materials, wax, tools and space are not at my disposal. Solution: utilize fabric,  sewing machines, threads and scissors.

march july 2010 103

Looks like puppets and other such things are in the pipeline of my creative.

puppets1 copy