Body Painting

My first experience with body painting came about while volunteering for Chase Avenue Elementary in 1985 during a fall event. Yes, I did do some good things between all the missed steps and stumbles. The first time I ever went to a school event I let the kids run  wild from booth to booth with all the other children and found myself watching a few other parents who were busy painting spiders, ghosts and pumpkins on hands and cheeks. I sat in an empty chair and picked up a brush and began…

body art july 12 005

body art july 12 015


Over the last 28 years I’ve volunteered my skills in face painting, studied theater makeup, costume design, set and lighting design, and playwriting. Between southern California and Louisville, Ky. I’ve painted more than 2,000 cheeks, arms, legs and backs at schools, fund raising events and special occasions at restaurants and museums.

I wish I had pictures of every face I’d ever painted. Working by yourself on a good day means being so busy you haven’t the time to take pictures. This sampling of images are simple requests made by individuals that I’ve had the opportunity to make smile. And that smile is what it’s really all about.

march july 2010 136



body art july 12 032

I hope you’ll return to this blog to see what kind of progress I’ve made in  making people smile.



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