About Artsy Squibbles


I am an artist, but not as active with my abilities as I would like to be. This is due to a variety of difficulties, including  a few minor health issues,  that I’m presently dealing with. Anyway, on a bad day I’m creative in my thinking. On a good day I’m productive with my creativity. In between I’m always searching for new ways to do things, so yeah, that makes me an artist.

The earliest art my mother saved was  my first nativity scene when I was three years old. I didn’t leave a single Magi out. The donkey had four legs, and the Shepherd had his staff. Mary had all ten fingers, and Joseph had his ten toes sticking out of his sandals. And baby Jesus was asleep in that funky little manger. I copied my brother’s nativity. He’s four years older than me. I also copied a sculpted bird he made when he was in 8th and I was in 4th.

Three dimensional work has always come easier for me than other creative areas, so perhaps I was born to be   a sculptor. I wanted to become an architect when I was in 8th grade. High school Algebra informed me otherwise. Wood shop was a breeze.

I remember sculpting tiny clay birds when I was three or four years old while sitting by my grandmother’s feet, using my thumbnails to mark the wings and tail feathers. The following fifty-some years were spent becoming a fair to middling homemaker, grumpy let me have my coffee first  mother, laundress, seamstress, happy song maker, lull-a-bye doodler, baker, cake decorator, oatmeal maker,  gardener, horseback rider, poet, lyricist, dreamer, doer, chocolate junkie, and campfire fancier.

I sew and sculpt when the materials and time are available, and write in between. Sometimes my writing is dribble, sometimes poetry, and even a few pages of dialogue have poured out as a couple of characters gimp their way onto a mental stage.  I’ve written lyrics, children’s stories in rhyme, and designed puppets to enhance an unfinished work or two.

Everything in my life at this moment in time is an unfinished work in progress.

In The Rain copy

Sometimes playing around with something like a puzzle helps.

2011-12-06 21.36.02

Other times I have to sit and work, work, work to get it right.


But like I said, sculpting is easy.

Derwin Touts Facial copy

Usually I go through a page or two of dialogue to get to the mood before reaching the right action!

DT race announcer 2a copy

What goes on inside my brain is usually written before I draw.

DT Character Sketches Groom 1 copy

But when I finish something, I always feel good.


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