Making Each Day Count

Oh joy! To be spending extra time on my laptop while visiting my daughter for two weeks is a real treat. These peaceful minutes between naps, meals and reading have been so pleasant that my daughter felt it necessary to tell me that I’m “getting my cake and eating it too.” However, it doesn’t quite feel that way. Image

This ultra quiet time has been spent researching horticultural avenues, such as Japanese tea gardens, Kentucky wildflowers, septic systems, and designing fountain layouts. All while I try to figure out what kind of materials are best suited for outdoor sculpture. Yeah, okay, I’m day dreaming again. 

Actually, this dream scheme began a couple weeks back when I came across a home listing that included healthy chunk of property.

Yep. For just under $3,000,000.00 I could buy a big ranch house, lake, gazebo, picnic shelter, and more,with and enough acreage to do whatever I wanted.

So I pondered the possibilities. Why? What fer? And so on.

Simply said, I could use a space like this to develop aesthetic gardens with a healing focus. No less than sixty pieces of sculpture, edible gardens, textured pathways, hiking trails, wheel chair accessible cabins, functional structures and plenty of seasonal activities for the scientific, artistic and family oriented people that I want to serve through a place like I’m dreaming of.Image

Ah, this idea has some potential, maybe this really could serve a purpose to society?

Okay, I can seriously imagine, in one area, an ongoing program for families of children with autism. An educational cooperative of therapists, volunteers, experienced legal mentors, families, scientists, researchers, all united, mingling with the one focus to develop new ways to reach, touch, and assist children and adults with Autism. 

A good start. 

Lots of ideas pouring out. Lots of ways to spend my time.

And no funds. 

The next step is to organize my skills in such a way as to earn the money that it would take to get through the first eight or so years. After doing some very rough estimates of costs, insurance, stipends for interns, employees, tools, equipment, transportation, materials for art and shelters, and other resources such as solar energy, I can fairly say it would all cost somewhere around $19,000,000.00. 

Nineteen Million Dollars! An amount like this would have to come from Lottery winnings. And I don’t play the lottery. Add to this that my last job was only $8.13 an hour after I receiving my first and only raise there in two years. I am no longer employed as a cake decorator in a grocery store and insist on following my talents to a place that will permit me to help others. And I am penniless. How cool is that. Low man on the starving artist’s totem pole.

I’m presently looking at several ways to bring in an income. I could go back to a day job on my feet that destroys my hands, design and sew purses to sell online or in consignment shops, finish illustrating a few books I wrote some time back, sculpt some design for collectible plates, or attempt claymation with no experience.

Which two do you think are my favorite ideas to make a living?

Which one do you think would bring me closer to that $19,000,000.00 faster?

By the way, my 19 month old grand daughter was diagnosed with autism. I will not sit still and accept things as they are now when I can be doing something that will make somebody’s life better.



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